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The Notice Company develops and implements notice programs that meet the needs of each case. We pioneered the use of Internet technology to achieve efficient dissemination of class action and product recall information. We routinely publish and mail class action settlement notices and claim forms. Our expertise assures you of a notice program that complies with procedural rules, court directives and deadlines.

The Notice Company also offers assistance in designing clear-notice forms so that information about the class action is both accurate and easily understood by class members. Proposed Amendments to Rule 23 of the Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure require that class action notices "concisely and clearly state in plain, easily understood language" all required information. The Amendments will become effective December 1, 2003, unless rejected by Congress. Click here for amended Rule 23 and sample "Plain English" notices.

Types of Notice Programs
Notice programs may be invoked for a wide-range of purposes at various stages of litigation, such as:

  • Early alerts concerning consumer or investor grievances
  • Announcing the commencement of a lawsuit
  • Offering class members the opportunity to serve as lead plaintiff in a securities action
  • Notice of class certification
  • Affording class members the opportunity to “Opt Out” or request exclusion under Rule 23 or applicable state rules
  • Affording class members the opportunity to “Opt In” for collective actions brought under the Fair Labors Standard Act ("FSLA"), the Equal Pay Act or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Allowing persons resident outside the home jurisdiction to “Opt In” under class action statutes in some Canadian jurisdictions
  • Notice of a proposed settlement, voluntary dismissal, or compromise
  • Informing class members of a Motion for Award of Attorney Fees
  • Soliciting claim and distribution information
Notices of class certification and settlement are often published in selected print media in order to reach designated audiences. The Notice Company designs and arranges for publication of legal ads through our recognized agency relationship with publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. We make sure that every notice conforms to publication standards and that it is submitted on schedule.

The Notice Company will design, print and mail the Notice and Claim Form documents required for each class action. We receive and update mailing lists, utilizing the U.S. Postal Service’s NCOA program and CASS certification process to reduce undeliverable or duplicate mailpieces. When Claim Forms and Opt-Out Requests are received, we validate and process the responses. The Notice Company follows through on each mail campaign and provides prompt reports to counsel.

Online posting of class action notices is often an important tool in class action administration. The web offers an inexpensive medium for widely disseminating forms, dates, hearing schedules, and other information to potential class members. The Notice Company often uses the Internet in conjunction with mail and print ads to create an effective notice program. And only The Notice Company can place a notice online at,, and

Contact The Notice Company and let us design a notice program for you.

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